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Rip Curl GromSearch has been helping to reveal how new surfing stars worldwide. Champions like Gabriel Medina and Stephanie Gilmore, Leo Fioravanti, Mathis Crozon or Juliette Brice, among many others, competed in this event before exploding internationally. For many of the young surfers, GromSearch is the best event on the globe and offers all under-16 boys and girls an opportunity to show their talents in a relaxed atmosphere of pure conviviality. The European season, however, has already begun in Guadeloupe (January 28 and 29), but the best is the following conferences that will cross France, Spain, England, the Netherlands and, of course, Portugal:

Versilia (Tuscany), Italy, March 10 to May 21;

Somo (Cantabria), Spain, 1 and 2 April;

Capbreton (Landes), France, 6-8 May (or June 3-5);

San Vicente de la Barquera, Spain, May 13 and 14;

Costa de Caparica, Portugal, 27 and 28 May;

Bay of Croyde (Devon), England, June 17 and 18;

Peniche, Portugal, 29 and 30 June;

Anglet (Biarritz), France, 10-16 July;

Bay of Watergate (Cornwall), England, 19 and 20 August;

Ile Oléron, France, from 19 to 24 August;

Scheveningen, the Netherlands, from 1 September to 22 October.

The location of the European final, for now, there is still secret. From November 2016, a final took place on the beach in Razo, northern Spain, and revealed Ellie Turner (United Kingdom) and Yael Peña (Spain) as the new European champions GromSearch.



A Final Nacional Rip Curl GromSearch é um evento de qualificação- A entrada para este evento só é permitida através de qualificação ou de credencial. A qualificação para este evento baseia-se nos resultados de 2016 Rip Curl GromSearch Classificações Nacionais e a selecção de credenciais é concedida pelo Surfing Australia em conjunto com a Rip Curl.

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