The Sould Surf House

Sea side in Taghazout, get ready for an awesome surf experience with Soul surf House.

The Soul Surf House has one large communal roof terraces overlooking the waves and its surfers. With 4 rooms we accommodate up to 15 people maximum so there is enough space for everyone.

Our surf house is located at the beachside of Anza, a charming fishing village famous for its food and hospitality. And most important, world-class surf breaks right on its doorstep. Flawless right-hand waves, beautiful beaches, and local Moroccan adventures are all just a stone’s throw away—so from surfers to travelers, digital nomads to families—there is something here for everyone.

We have high-speed internet so you can work at our terrace as well. Enjoy our sun lounges to catch up on your tanning or to watch the amazing star-filled sky at night. Guests from all over the world share beers on the terrace and enjoy our delicious bbq. We watch surf movies on the big screen once a week.

Surf Packages

Flawless right-hand waves, beautiful beaches, and local Moroccan adventures are all just a stone’s throw away — so from surfers to travellers, to families —
There is something here for everyone! Arrival on any day!


Already trying to plan which surf spots to
check out when you arrive in Taghazout? Find our
complete guide to the best surf spots in town from
our resident experts below.

Hash Point

Aptly named, since it is so close to Hash Point Surf Camp, this break is perfect if the 15 minute walk to Anchor Point is a little far… This wedgy right-hander breaks right below our roof terrace!

Anchor Point

Anchor Point is one of the most famous right-hand point breaks on the entire African continent. Occasional emerald green rooms appear on the sandy sections down the point. On giant swells it may be possible to ride one wave all the way into Taghazout.

Killer Point

Named after the killer whales that have been rumoured to migrate past the point. This is the major swell magnet in the area and will pick up the biggest waves. The 20 minute paddle out usually thins the crowds. Handles giant swells that can be impressive to watch Killer Point from the safety of the cliffs above!


You can see this break from our roof terrace—it’s popular with beginners for its convenience and because it breaks over sand. However, when the swell is big and from the right direction Panoramas can also be world class!


The ideal antidote to the stresses of modern life.

Paradise Valley

Price €30 “2 personnes minimum“:

Group Price €30


Just 45 minutes drive inland lies the aptly named “Paradise Valley” where the beach breaks give way to beautiful blue water pools and fascinating rock formations. The trip is well worth it to enjoy an easy hike, refreshing swims, and even cliff jumping for the more adventurous—all among some of the most beautiful scenery in Morocco.

Nearby Cities

The sleepy, charming village of Taghazout is the perfect place to unwind and hit the beach either before or after exploring some of the wonderful Moroccan cities nearby. Around 2 hours to the north lies Essaouira, a beautiful old city with a walled fortress and a harbour filled with colourful fishing boats.

Local ‘Souks’

One of the great cultural experiences in Morocco is to walk among the incredibly colourful market stands. From foods and spices, to lanterns and cloths, and even an eccentric collection of animals, you will be intrigued at every turn. If you’re not afraid to have a bit of fun haggling, you’ll get some great prices too!

Sand boarding

Price €30 “2 personnes minimum“:

Group Price €30

Riding the waves or riding the sand. Join us for a fun experience getting comfortable with the surf board. It’s all about letting go and having fun. The view here is amazing.


Price €10 “4 personnes minimums :


Opened in December 2017, this skatepark is awesome. When there is no swell jump into the pool and enjoy riding concrete waves. The panoramic view from above will make your hike to it worth your walk. Even when you don’t skate and have some time after surf go check it out.